Pride Is Everything!


Today’s Lesson: Pride Is Everything!

Did you know that lions are the only cat species that form social groups? It’s In fact, I guess you could say that PRIDES would be the social network for lions, with each pride typically including approximately five females, two males, and their young. They play together, hunt together… everything. It’s clear that this community, this family is important.

What about your family? Whether you have a traditional family of blood-relatives, a Bohemian family of choice, or anything in between, remember to take time out to appreciate and spend time with them, too. It’s easy to get sucked into the “virtual world” of status updates, tweets, and texting, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But remember that it’s always healthy (and recommended) to unplug for a little while and regroup with those who are important in your life!

Now let’s get personal.

Are you proud of what you do and who you are? You should be!

Hold your head high and carry yourself with confidence! Your social media presence, like any area of your life, should be something that you have thought about, worked hard on, and put out for others to see and enjoy.

It’s not enough just to “phone it in” with a few scattered posts. You should think about what you want to share, and then do this with passion!

When you take the time to really give something that is meaningful and important to you, you will see better results.

So today (and every day!)… be like these lions, and BE PROUD!


10 thoughts on “Pride Is Everything!

  1. Excellent advice and a great view on the importance of family! I really enjoyed this article and look forward to reading more!

  2. I was thinking the same thing today when we kicked our kids of the computer and dragged them away to spend a few hours at East Rock in New Haven. Just being out and relaxing in the sun and shade and seeing various family and friends and couples. It was nice. I wish my family did that, but since that wasn’t important to them, I’m glad I make it important in my family.

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