What Africa Taught Me About Social Media

JAMBO! (That’s “Hello” in Swahili.)

I recently returned from an amazing African safari booked through the stellar Micato Safaris, and WOW! There were so many intense and surreal experiences that I could probably write a book. But for now, how about a blog?

My friend Gay Gasser from Mirth in a Box (coolest gift boxes ever!) suggested that I share some of our photos with you in my new blog series –


No. Seriously… there are lessons everywhere if you just look.

Today’s Lesson: Don’t Be A Leopard!

Leopards are notoriously secretive and elusive, and will disappear in seconds after they are spotted. (Wait… aren’t they always spotted?) We were fortunate that the camera was on and up when we came across this one, as moments later it was gone.

So what does this have to do with social media? Everything!

If you want your business to be seen, then you must take every opportunity to get out there and be spotted. Don’t run and hide from new possibilities. In fact, you should throw yourself into them and become the social being that will help your business thrive!

So be honest… are you a leopard when it comes to seeing new things? Do you shy away online, or do you get out there and connect with others?

6 thoughts on “What Africa Taught Me About Social Media

  1. Great posting, Brian! Sometimes it’s easy to be a shy leopard, so thanks for the reminder that the more we get out there, the more baby gazelles we can eat. Or something like that. Can’t wait to read more!

  2. Thanks for sharing some of your pics with me at our BNI meeting. Your excitement when discussing your trip is almost equal to the passion you have when discussing social media. Thanks for being such a dynamic personality!

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