From Tom to Timberlake – MySpace is Back!

Can it be? Is it true?

Yes. MySpace is BACK! And it’s all new, thanks to current owners Specific Media and Justin Timberlake.

Do you remember when MySpace used to be all about music?

(No… long before gaudy glitter graphics brought profiles to a screeching halt in load times.)

Well, that’s what the new site is supposed to be all about – “music discovery”. They’re trying to compete with the likes of Pandora or Spotify, with a touch of the Facebook social elements.

Of course I logged in today to check it out, and I have to admit the look is quite different. There is a significant focus on musicians and artists… so much in fact that I couldn’t find my old friends. No, really. Where did they go?

While it was clear that this was a complete departure from the old MySpace, I didn’t find the site to be very intuitive. It was chock full of “404 Not Found” errors and lots of shameless self-promotion for Timberlake. I know this is Day 1, so I’m not giving up on you yet, MySpace. But let’s get those bugs worked out and see what you’ve got in store for us!

So… have you checked out the new MySpace yet? What do you think?