Forty, Fierce, and Fabulous!

Last month, I celebrated my 40th birthday. I know… 40. It”s a big one, right?

So while some expected me to be depressed, nervous, or frightened, all I could think was:

“How can I enter my 40″s with a bang?”

I”ve never been one to stick to “normal” birthday traditions. I mean, cake and balloons are just fine, but I wanted to create something fun to remember! So…

My birthday party was actually a music video shoot, and my friends became the cast and crew. I realize that not everyone likes to be in front of the camera, but I love how everyone was living in the moment in creating something I will always treasure.

So what has 40 taught me?

Life is short. Embrace it and savor every moment. Love yourself, surround yourself with positivity and light, and share this love with others!

I laughed all through my party, and hopefully this will bring a smile to your face, too.

THIS is how you make memories, people… Enjoy the video below!