Three TRICKS to Make Your Halloween a TREAT!


Oh, how I love those words! Seriously… without a doubt, Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. Extravagant costumes, make-up, candy, and mischief… what’s not to like?

Since we don’t yet have a way to download my favorite Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups online (Come on, 3D printers! Get on it!), I’ve decided instead to treat you all with some social media reminders to keep the monsters away… Well, away from your profiles at least.

1. “You’re wearing WHAT?”
Yes, we know that Halloween is the one day each year to be whatever you want to be. And TRUST me, I know very well that a scandalous costume is the BEST costume. But you DO know that everyone has a camera on their phones these days, right? You might want to check out the PRIVACY SETTINGS on Facebook and check the settings on who can tag you in photos. You want to be President someday? Well, you won”t be once THAT costume pic leaks!


2. “Hey! I never said that!”
Here we are online… on social networks. You got that first word, right? Social?
And when you share something on a social site, people see it. Sure, you can delete it, but that doesn’t mean that someone doesn’t have a saved copy of your words. (Trust me. I’ll gladly call out my friends with screenshots of past posts. Go on… ask them. I”ll wait.) Take a minute and THINK before you post. Otherwise, your own words just might come crawling back from the dead to haunt you like a zombie…


3. “You are SO getting egged!”
And lastly, if you’re the house that gives out bad candy for trick-or-treat, you better be ready for some kid to tweet about it. So unless you’re in the mood to scrub cracked eggs off of your house, you might just want to turn off that front porch light and call it a night. Otherwise, you might see THIS at your door…


There. Now you”ve got a few tips to help keep your Halloween safe.

Which of these tips was most helpful for you? Have your own tip to share?



10 thoughts on “Three TRICKS to Make Your Halloween a TREAT!

  1. As always, what a great read! Reese’s Cups. 3D printers….and what a great point! I am very excited about the advances of social media that may be made through the future affordability and mainstreaming of 3D printing. It should be a very interesting combination. I know that you’ll be right on it as it happens, Brian!

  2. The last comment reminds me a Halloween episode of “That Seventies Show.”
    Red: “Aw Kitty, don’t give the kids raisins. It just pisses them off.”
    Kitty: “But Red, raisins are nature’s candy.”
    [ sound of SPLAT, SPLAT on the side of their home.]
    Red: “And there’s the eggs, nature’s hand grenades.”

  3. The can’t-repeat-it-too-much reminder to think before you post….something we should all have as our screen saver!

    Another great post Brian, Happy Halloween!!!!!

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