What’s the Big Deal with the Chewbacca Mom?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the Chewbacca Mom this past week.

WHAT? You don’t know who she is? Seriously??

Fine. Click HERE to watch the original video.

OK. Are we all ready to move on? Good.

Chewbacca Mom - Candace Payne
Meet Candace Payne, the woman behind the Chewbacca mask who has taken the internet by storm! Last Thursday (May 19th), Candace broadcasted on Facebook Live while sitting in her car in a KOHL’S parking lot. This Star Wars mask made her smile and she wanted to share that moment with others.


And in less than a week, she has:

I mean, she’s a mother of two from Texas who never really did anything with social media before.

So WHY is she such a big deal?

That’s easy. She possesses one simple but very important trait that is unfortunately rare in the social media world lately.


That’s it. Positivity. 

Although we still see the occasional cute kitten videos, many Facebook news feeds have transformed into battlegrounds filled with anger and hate. The seemingly never-ending tensions of the Presidential campaign have brought out such rage and divisiveness that it’s frankly making Facebook less enjoyable. So is it really any surprise that when this extraordinary woman practiced the most ordinary act of sharing JOY, we all jumped at the chance to experience it with her?

During the Good Morning America interview, Robin Roberts asked Candace.
“What’s been the best part of all of this?”

Her reply?
“In all honesty, the best part of all of this is being able to share joy with people…” 

Well said, Candace. Well said.


Chewbacca Mom


Do you feel like you’re drowning in the negativity on Facebook? If so, what can you do right now to spread positivity?



5 Life Lessons from the Theatre

Um… remember me?

Yes, I admit it. I haven”t been here much lately, but I am so pleased to say that everything has been great! You already know how much I love social media, but lately I have been spending my evenings with one of my other great loves… the theatre! More specifically, I have been in rehearsal for SHREK THE MUSICAL with the Bridgeport Theatre Company where I will be playing the role of the Big Bad Wolf.

Becoming the Big Bad Wolf

It”s so much fun to play a fairytale character! And just like a good fairy tale, working in the theatre is full of valuable life lessons. Here are my favorites:

  • Great results come from hard work. I think mobile casino it”s safe to say that most people love a good shortcut. But if you want to achieve excellence, it does not come without hard work and dedication.
  • Organization is everything. You may have heard the quote “Failing to plan is planning to fail” and it”s true! Whether you are getting ready for opening night or to launch a big project, be sure that you have a plan in place to reach your goals.
  • Don”t be afraid to put yourself out there. It doesn”t necessarily have to be on the stage, but you will never get anywhere in life without taking some risks.
  • Do what you love. Whether it is professionally or personally, find a way to do something that you enjoy and care about. Life is too short. So enjoy it!
  • Spend quality time with your friends. OK. So this one is a shameless plug. What can I say? The show opens on Friday, and I would love to see you all there! Gather your friends, pack a picnic, and get your tickets now for performances from April 25 through May 11! I hope to see you there!


Rehearsal photo by Kevin McNair Photography


TODAY”S QUESTION: Do any of these lessons speak to you? What choice can you make today to tackle one of these in your life?




Need to Smile? THIS is EVERYTHING!

While the Wednesday workday is coming to an end, some of you still may need that extra little push to get through the rest of Hump Day. Lucky for you, I”ve got exactly what you need!

Photo Credit: Kevin McNair Photography

Meet seven-year old Charlotte Masi, part of the children’s ensemble from the Bridgeport Theatre Company‘s production of The Wedding Singer. Charlotte is always entertaining on stage, but check out what happens off stage when she shows us how to rock out to “Linda’s Note” from The Wedding Singer in the video below!




The Bleach Has Gone To My Head!

While running some errands this week, I stopped to pick up a few boxes of hair color. Actually this is a pretty normal thing for me, as I haven’t seen my own natural hair color since I was 17 years old.  Yes, my online headshot is only about one year old, but my hair color is prone to change far more often.

For those who haven’t met me in person, I like change….a lot! In fact, over the years I’ve pretty much done all of the colors – from the standard brown, black , blonde, and red, to the more shocking blue, green, purple, etc. With that said, it’s a pretty regular occurrence for me to purchase three or four boxes of dye at a time.

As I piled the boxes on the checkout counter, the cashier asked me: “Are you a barber? I mean, do you do people’s hair?”

“Well” I answered, “I do mine.”

“Seriously?” the cashier asked. “I always wanted to try blonde hair, but I’m scared.”

“So what’s stopping you?” I blurted out. “No. Really. Why not do it today? Try the blonde, and if it doesn’t work out, dye it back to your natural color.”

Yeah. He wasn’t expecting that. As he tried to form a response, I could see that he was both surprised and intrigued. After a moment he replied, “You know… I might just go for it!”

Many of us have these little things that we’d like to try in our lives, but there’s that little voice of fear whispering, “Don’t do it!”.

Why is that? Why do we give in so easily?

This is as true in daily life as it is in my business. Sometimes when working with clients, they have wonderful ideas of different things they’d like to share on Facebook and Twitter, but they are afraid to try them out. I say WHY NOT TRY IT?

After all, we have all seen a business online that only talks about their products and promotions, and not much else. While this isn’t always a bad thing for every business, it can potentially become, well… boring. In most cases there are many companies out there representing your field. So why should a customer choose you?

This is why it’s critical for you to let your personality shine through in your social media presence! People connect with real people, not just logos and promotions.

Whether you express yourself with bleached hair, a passion for caffeine, or anything else, be sure that you take the time to be yourself! And don’t be afraid!

In the words of Oscar Wilde:

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”