Need to Smile? THIS is EVERYTHING!

While the Wednesday workday is coming to an end, some of you still may need that extra little push to get through the rest of Hump Day. Lucky for you, I”ve got exactly what you need!

Photo Credit: Kevin McNair Photography

Meet seven-year old Charlotte Masi, part of the children’s ensemble from the Bridgeport Theatre Company‘s production of The Wedding Singer. Charlotte is always entertaining on stage, but check out what happens off stage when she shows us how to rock out to “Linda’s Note” from The Wedding Singer in the video below!




Facebook is CHARGING! Membership Packages Introduced.

First of all, thank you for taking the time to visit my blog! Mondays are always SO busy (especially Mondays after a holiday weekend), so I wanted to take a moment just to thank you for stopping by.

Especially on a Monday.

April 1st.

Some call it April Fools Day.

(See where I”m going with this?)

So PLEASE tell me that you didn’t believe the headline that Facebook is charging?

(You didn’t believe me, right?)

Good. Because that is one of the oldest online hoaxes out there!

But there are some great new April Fools pranks out there online today. Here are some of my faves:

Google Nose


YouTube is shutting down!




So… did YOU fall for any of these?

What other April Fools pranks have you loved today?