Facebook is CHARGING! Membership Packages Introduced.

First of all, thank you for taking the time to visit my blog! Mondays are always SO busy (especially Mondays after a holiday weekend), so I wanted to take a moment just to thank you for stopping by.

Especially on a Monday.

April 1st.

Some call it April Fools Day.

(See where I”m going with this?)

So PLEASE tell me that you didn’t believe the headline that Facebook is charging?

(You didn’t believe me, right?)

Good. Because that is one of the oldest online hoaxes out there!

But there are some great new April Fools pranks out there online today. Here are some of my faves:

Google Nose


YouTube is shutting down!




So… did YOU fall for any of these?

What other April Fools pranks have you loved today?




4 thoughts on “Facebook is CHARGING! Membership Packages Introduced.

  1. Totally forgot it was April Fools. Just thought it was another first of the month. Just scheduled my monthly newsletter to go out. It’s entitled “Happy Spring Cleaning!” I’m not kidding, but now I’m wondering how many recipients will be suspicious. Given that your beloved Flip cam can be discontinued, I did wonder if the end of You Tube was plausible.

    • MuaHaHa! I LOVE April Fools Day!

      Granted, it’s no Halloween, but it’s still a fun one for me.

      And yes, I DO miss my Flip cam! I had forgotten that was also in April… of 2011. Too bad that one wasn’t a joke.


  2. So did I. Still think it might be possible in the future somehow. I didn’t hear the one about You Tube. I might’ve believed it.

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