Social Media Gets Offensive!

Let’s be honest. We all have friends on Facebook that might get a little bit… well, out of control in one way or another, right?

Seriously. You”re thinking of at least one or two of your Facebook friends right now.

In my last blog, I shared my list of 5 Things NOT to do on Facebook. So it’s no surprise how much I LOVE these Social Media Citations that I purchased from my friends at Mirth In A Box. (If you love these like I do, get your own here!)


So… Which of these offenses are you guilty of?

Which one is your biggest pet peeve with your friends?




13 thoughts on “Social Media Gets Offensive!

  1. I must admit I am guilty of the occasional inspriational quote abuse.

    I am not perfect and strive to improve myself every day.

  2. It needs to be updated with the following:
    1. Pictures of your last meal (unless its in the biblical sense!)
    2. Pictures of abused animals, dogs in a pound, kittens seeking relief etc.
    3. Using “your” instead of “you’re”

  3. …I know it is a function that can be abused but I think social media has been a helpful tool for rescue groups to promote animals in their care and help connect with people who might want to adopt them. It’s also been extremely helpful when a pet goes missing. The purpose of those posts is to accomplish a real goal, not to make you sad.

    • Good point, Heather. I think where some organizations cross the line is posting nothing but abused and injured/mangled animals. This ends up turning people off, and they ultimately hide or unfriend the person who posts the content.

      However, photos of animals available for adoption and lost pets are hugely successful on social media! It’s definitely a different vibe to help as compared to the bloody animal pics.

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