MONDAY MUSINGS: Stop it, Miley!

I’ll admit it.

I didn’t watch the MTV Video Music Awards. Nope. No VMAs for me.

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE music. And I love a good awards show. But in my opinion, it’s been a long time since MTV has delivered a “good awards show”.  So yeah… I’m pretty much at a point in my life where the VMAs just don”t warrant a timeslot in my schedule.

Of course I was curious to see Lady Gaga’s performance. And yes, I was maybe even a little curious to see the *NSYNC reunion. (Don’t judge me.) But not curious enough to tune in to what has become one of the biggest televised train wrecks in current history.

And THANK YOU, Miley Cyrus for reinforcing my decision not to watch.

Social Media exploded this morning with comments of shock and disgust at her performance. So against my better judgement, I watched the video of her performance and learned the following:

  • Duck Face is a horrible phenomenon, but Miley Tongue Face? So much worse.
  • Every young performer will go through a  period of rebellion where they try to declare their sexual independence. However, Madonna and (frighteningly) even Britney Spears did it much better.
  • Miley Cyrus’ stylist was either on vacation or should be fired immediately.
  • Her PR Agent obviously has forgotten about Social Media.

Yes, I know that “There is no such thing as bad publicity”, but wow… That was SO much bad publicity that it sort of burned my eyeballs a little to watch it.

Remember, we live in a world now where everyone is a news reporter. Just look at the sea of cell phones in the crowd.

The most important lesson from this is…

Remember to always be responsible for your actions. If you’re going to go a little crazy in the public eye, be ready for the backlash.

Your fans (if you have any left Miley) will be waiting for your statement. Let’s see how this plays out.

Oh wait… it’s Miley Cyrus we’re talking about. I just remember I have other things to do.

Like ANYTHING else.

15 thoughts on “MONDAY MUSINGS: Stop it, Miley!

  1. I didn’t watch it live either. My work mates got curious and watched it. So much like watching a train wreck. A real tragedy.

    But I must say the visual reaction from some people were priceless.

    I don’t know what she was going for, but she got attention.

    • She certainly got attention. Not sure if it’s the right KIND of attention, but…..

      In any event, the photo of Will Smith and his family’s reaction is PRICELESS!

  2. I somehow resisted all the posts and tweets… until reading your blog and comments. Yeah – social media got me to watch Miley, too. Three words… embarassed for her.

  3. Brian…

    Does this remind you a bit of when Adam Lambert got slammed for his performance? This, to me, is SO MUCH WORSE. I sure hope she is banned from performing like Adam was. *sigh*

    • Hmmmm….

      I guess I didn’t compare the two in my mind because I actually like Adam Lambert. While his AMA performance was certainly racy, the big reason it was slammed was because it featured a *gasp* gay kiss.

      Whereas Miley’s performance was just well, well…

      Trashy doesn’t seem to cut it.

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